Precision Shot, Inc

The Precise Way To Put It Where You Need It! TM

Precision Shot products help the "Do It Yourselfer" in YOU, to make simple, quick, and clean repairs to the important things in your life.   The compact, clean and handy container is combined with our precision tips to make you a very handy person.   Precision Shot's are available individually or in our various Kits.   Each Kit contains 5 individual units ( selection varies by Kit ),  a generous selection of blunt Tips ( #KTR - which is available individually as well ), and a durable, clear case with fitted foam for perfect storage whether it's in a "junk drawer," Glove Box, or a Tool Box.  Kits are a handy way to store your Precision Shot's and to be ready to tackle life's little issues! 

Tips are NOT SHARP (Blunt).  Tips are NOT STERILE.  Not for Medical Use.


Precision Shot -  The Precise Way To Put It Where You Need It! tm

Selecting the proper Tip

Our recommendation is to always consider the material’s viscosity (thickness)   ( )  first and then consider the application.   The thicker materials will need a larger tip opening.   Our all-plastic tapered tips will work very well for these thicker materials, especially for the sealants.

            Our tip caps will also allow you to store the units between uses.   The slide on tip caps will also help to facilitate storage and reuse at a later date, especially when you use the adhesive and sealants.     


Pink  -  Large Metal Blunt Tip, 1” Length, Use Pink Slide-on Tip Cap

Yellow – Medium Metal Blunt Tip, 1” Length, Use Yellow Slide-on Tip Cap

Black – Small Metal Blunt Tip, 1” Length,  Use Black Slide-on Tip Cap

Blue -  Small to Large Plastic Blunt Tip, 1.25” Length, Can be cut to increase opening!