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The Precise Way To Put It Where You Need It! TM

Precision Shot products help the "Do It Yourselfer" in YOU, to make simple, quick, and clean repairs to the important things in your life.   The compact, clean and handy container is combined with our precision tips to make you a very handy person.   Precision Shot's are available individually or in our various Kits.   Each Kit contains 5 individual units ( selection varies by Kit ),  a generous selection of blunt Tips ( #KTR - which is available individually as well ), and a durable, clear case with fitted foam for perfect storage whether it's in a "junk drawer," Glove Box, or a Tool Box.  Kits are a handy way to store your Precision Shot's and to be ready to tackle life's little issues! 

Tips are NOT SHARP (Blunt).  Tips are NOT STERILE.  Not for Medical Use.


Precision Shot -  The Precise Way To Put It Where You Need It! tm

Do you remember the days when......

So I grew up in a lower middle class family.   The Family (which included Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents, etc) all living within several hundred yards of each other.   I worked my butt off from dusk til dawn.   The Ranch had tools.  I mean a LOT of tools.   We fixed, built and maintained pretty much everything on the ranch ourselves.   Keep in mind this was in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's to current.  Way before the internet and even computers so there was not the resources for troubleshooting and figuring out even the basics of something new.  We HAD to learn it on our own.  We had to FIX it on our own.  We DID NOT have the money to pay a specialist or professional.   Our knowledge and know how came from the "school of hard knocks!"  From the necessity of having to do it.  From the lack of choices.   We chose to buy and make the tools to make the jobs easier.   Many times making tools in order to make another tool.   This is the core of what I would like people to talk about in this Blog.   This Blog is dedicated to getting people back to the core of doing things on their own.   Learning how to do something and even more importantly, learning how to gain and use tools on their own.  To be a DIY'r once again and to feel that wonderful feeling of independence!  

I've always told my friends and family to invest in tools.   You simply cannot go wrong having tools.  Especially, the right tools.   I would MUCH rather spend my hard earned funds on a tool instead of paying someone else to do the job.   Don't get me wrong, there are always certain things that you will need a professional to complete for you but let's get back to giving it a try.  The Precision Shot line of tools was developed over my time of fixing, mending, and repairing various items around the house and in my hobbies.   I am a fanatic about DIY.     

My wife is an outstanding educator.   I adore and respect her immensely.   We've had many conversations regarding today's attitude towards education, especially College.   I loathe the fact that there is this misconception of society's absolute expectation that everyone must have a "College Education" in order to be successful or knowledgeable.    I cannot tell you how many "educated" people I've met and known that don't know a damn thing about their automobile or even a door hinge.  It's very sad that we no longer encourage the basic knowledge, or even willpower to do the many things that we once HAD to do.   Instead, I've noticed that we now just say, "Oh, I'll just pay someone to do it!"  The problem is that we are running out of "Someones!"   Look at what has happened to all the great Tradesmen/Tradeswomen:  Masons, carpenters (true carpenters - woodworkers),  welders, plumbers, electricians, heavy machinery operators, metal working, machinists, etc.  They are becoming extinct.  Didn't we used to have the Vocational classes in school  ( even most swimming classes are gone!? ) 

I love the TV show Dirty Jobs with the host Mike Rowe.   He and I are simpatico.   He gets it as far as I am concerned.  But keep in mind, I don't have a college degree ( as I'm sure you can gather from this writing! )   Mr. Rowe understands that we are losing our trade skills as a society.  Everyone is wanting a higher education, "COLLEGE," type job.   We still have hands, right?   Unfortunately, too many of us only want to use them on a keyboard anymore.    

Hopefully, the Precision Shot products will allow us all to find that "I can fix it" attitude.   Because it is an attitude.   A frame of mind.   If not,  I only wish I was younger and could be around in the near future since the Tradesman will be making the HUGE money to fix the "stuff" of the non-Do It Yourselfers.   Take back your independence with the help or Precision Shot Products.     

FlatCrank  ( And yes, I am a car guy!  And yes, this is a car term! )