Precision Shot, Inc

The Precise Way To Put It Where You Need It! TM

Precision Shot products help the "Do It Yourselfer" in YOU, to make simple, quick, and clean repairs to the important things in your life.   The compact, clean and handy container is combined with our precision tips to make you a very handy person.   Precision Shot's are available individually or in our various Kits.   Each Kit contains 5 individual units ( selection varies by Kit ),  a generous selection of blunt Tips ( #KTR - which is available individually as well ), and a durable, clear case with fitted foam for perfect storage whether it's in a "junk drawer," Glove Box, or a Tool Box.  Kits are a handy way to store your Precision Shot's and to be ready to tackle life's little issues! 

Tips are NOT SHARP (Blunt).  Tips are NOT STERILE.  Not for Medical Use.


Precision Shot -  The Precise Way To Put It Where You Need It! tm

Tool of the Month

When I was growing up, my father and uncle told me to concentrate on buying two things, guns and tools.  I was raised on a ranch, during a different time, so the gun thing was a bit more understandable back then and besides I certainly paid more attention to the tool aspect.  

               They taught me to buy one major tool a month.  A major tool was basically any tool over $75 such as a drill, torque wrench, wrench kits, etc.  Many times it was tough to do financially, but I always did what I could.  It quickly became evident that spending money on good, functional tools was much more beneficial than buying a lot of beer, especially since today I still have most of those original tools!  Whenever something needed repair it was much better to stay focused on buying the correct tools and materials to Do It Yourself   ( DIY ) versus paying someone else to do it.   This philosophy has impacted  my life tremendously.   It's given me a great sense of accomplishment, pride, and even freedom.   Freedom from dependence of others.  Freedom to utilize my finances in other ways.   Ways in which I've decided to use them and not dictated to me by others.  This is very liberating.   Today my inventory of tools has exploded.   There are very few projects which I will not at least attempt.   Is there research?  Of course!.....Is there frustration?  You bet!..... Is there failure?  Certainly!....... Is there success?  Absolutely!   

             Take and hold onto the pride of doing something yourself which you didn't think you could do.  More so, take and hold onto the finances and knowledge which you gain from Doing It Yourself!

Be Handy with Precision Shot!   The Precise Way To Put It Where You Need It!