Precision Shot, Inc

The Precise Way To Put It Where You Need It! TM

Precision Shot products help the "Do It Yourselfer" in YOU, to make simple, quick, and clean repairs to the important things in your life.   The compact, clean and handy container is combined with our precision tips to make you a very handy person.   Precision Shot's are available individually or in our various Kits.   Each Kit contains 5 individual units ( selection varies by Kit ),  a generous selection of blunt Tips ( #KTR - which is available individually as well ), and a durable, clear case with fitted foam for perfect storage whether it's in a "junk drawer," Glove Box, or a Tool Box.  Kits are a handy way to store your Precision Shot's and to be ready to tackle life's little issues! 

Tips are NOT SHARP (Blunt).  Tips are NOT STERILE.  Not for Medical Use.


Precision Shot -  The Precise Way To Put It Where You Need It! tm

Can I get Refills or Replacements for my kits?

Absolutely! You can buy individual refills here:


Can I get more tips and accessories?

Sure! You can buy more Tips by clicking on the links below.

Buy Kit Tip Refill (KTR) here

Buy 1 1/2" Tip Kit here


It's hard to get the product out of the tip. What's wrong?

There are several causes for this issue. Thickness of the material is the first issue. For instance, oils will come out of all the tips easily (too easily out of the large needles), whereas a thick sealant will be tougher to get through a smaller tip. We recommend the following:

  • GREASES - Start with the Yellow or Pink metal tips
  • OILS - Start with the Black or Yellow metal tips
  • ADHESIVES - For the Threadlockers you must only use the All Plastic Taper tips, NO METAL!
  • For the Contact Cement, Polyurethane Glue, and Carpenters Glue, we recommend the Yellow tip first and then move up or down to the Pink or Black tip if required.


Can I leave the tips on the syringe?

In most instances you can! Simply put the appropriate tip cap on and put it back into the case. The case foam is slit to accept the attached tip!


Is there a shelf life on the materials?

All materials do have a shelf life.  Some much longer than others.  Because of their nature, Adhesives and Sealants do have shorter shelf life than the greases and oils.


Why are the Threadlockers not full of material?

Threadlockers cure differently than most other adhesives. They are called anaerobic adhesives and thus cure with an ABSENCE of air. Therefore they must have air in the container to keep them from curing! They compound their curing abilities when they come in contact with metal as well! Therefore, we highly recommend that you do not use the metal tips, since the combination of metal and the absence of air while traveling down the these narrow tips will make the material cure very quickly.


Do you have longer tips available?

Yes, we do! You can order from our refills page.

Buy here


The material keeps coming out after I have stopped pressing the plunger. What is causing this?

Slightly pull back on the plunger to stop the pressure and flow.